SAUDI ADVANCED HORIZON An organization dedicated to deliver the excellence of value. Contracting Co. ADVANCED HORIZON A group of professionals that improves processes to fit project scales in order to win. Technical Services Co. ADVANCED HORIZON A group of experiences that generate services & Solutions for clients to reach their project goals. Technical Solutions Co. ALOFOQ AL MUTAQDIMAH We provide our clients with a world class support by a team of professionals that genuinely care. Building Contracting Co.


Globalization is changing the business world so fast that enterprises are being forced to adopt new technologies and work strategies every day in order to compete in the new economy.

We at Advanced Horizon are geared with new ways to help out clients meet successfully their targets.

We perform our work through an
Integrated Management System

This used in Mega construction Projects that carries out Sites parallel tasks and sequenced Tasks in a program Management type
working methods. And provide a variety of services include:

Our labors are highly professional and certified

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